What is inside the


WEEKLY workouts

You have 5 new workouts available every week. To complete a workout, you open the app, select the workout for the day, and follow along. In addition to new weekly workouts, you have access to workouts from previous weeks to go back and do again!


You have instructions and notes for each workout to explain how to perform an exercise or give you helpful tips. You will find the instructions clarify many questions you might have about how to perform the workout.

Exercise library

You have access to an exercise library of strength training exercises. You can search the exercise library to modify or substitute any exercise in a workout. You will become more familiar with the many types of strength training exercises as you explore the exercise library.


As you go through a workout, you can watch exercise demo videos to familiarize yourself with how to perform each exercise. You can replay and watch the exercise demonstration videos as often as necessary to help know how to perform it effectively.

Track workouts

You have several options for tracking your workouts. You can record how much weight you use for each exercise, along with how many sets and reps. And you also can log a workout after completing it to track how many workouts you perform each week.

exercise modifications

You can substitute any exercise within a workout so it benefits your body or aligns with your goals. You will find that many exercises in a workout already have an alternative exercise provided.

How to Use

the SM APP

Step 1.


You signed up for the Stronger Movement membership and now it is time to get started with the SM App! 

Why you need the SM app?

The SM app is how you access every workout along with viewing the exercise video demos and other helpful instructions and information. 

Where do you download the app?

If you are not familiar with how to download the app, you go to the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone device or to Google Play if you have an Android device. 

The easiest way to download the SM app is to click on the App Store and Google play icons here. Or you can go to to either store and search for “Stronger Movement” to find the app.

Look for the SM app icon. The “SM” stands for Stronger Movement. The circle around it represents the continual evolution of your health and fitness journey. 

Step 2.


After you download the app, you are ready to get started! The first time that you open the app, you come to the Log In screen.  

How to log in to the app?

Use the same email and password as you entered when you signed up for the Stronger Movement membership. 

Do you log in every time you use the app?

No. You automatically stay logged in to the app after the first time you use it. It is secure to stay logged in so you do not have to log off  after using it.

How do you log out of app?

If you want to log out, you click the hamburger icon on the top left side and go to “Settings” and click on Log Out. It is recommended to stay logged in so you do not have to log in for every workout.

Step 3.


After you log in, you view the workouts for the week. From this screen, you select what workout that you are going to do for the day.

How many workouts are available every week?

You get 5 new workouts a week! The order the of the workouts stays consistent every week with alternating between lower and upper body days with one full body day. 

Do you need to do every workout for the week?

Absolutely not! You likely will have different time restraints or other fitness goals. If you are selecting 3 workouts to do a week, it is recommended to do 1 lower body, 1 upper body, and then picking another workout that fits your interests and goals. 

How to access past workouts from other weeks?

You receive new workouts every week! However, you might have a favorite workout you want to repeat. If so, you can access previous weeks of workouts to go back to do again.


Step 4.


This screen is where you spend most of your time as it has the specifics for your workout. Each workout has Block A, B, C, D. 

What is the block format of the workouts?

Each block has 2-3 exercises that you perform together. Regardless if it is a lower or upper body workout, every workout follows the same structure with Block A, B, C, D. Ideally, you have the time to do the entire workout. However, you might need to make your workout shorter so you can choose the number of blocks you do each day based on your available time and goals.

How to know how many sets and reps for each exercise? 

For each exercise, you will see the number of sets and reps. The sets are how many times you go through each block (example: 3 sets is 3 times). The reps are how many times you perform the exercise (example 12 reps is 12 times). 

How much weight do you use for each exercise?

The workouts use both dumbbells and resistance bands. You are not given how much weight to use as this varies for each individual. The “0” placeholder is there as an option for you to track the weight you use.


Step 5.


From the workout screen, you can click on any exercise to watch the exercise video demonstration. It is helpful to watch these short videos to familiarize yourself with the basics of the exercise. 

How to play the exercise demo video?

When you click on the video, it opens in another screen.  This video gives you a brief overview of the exercise. You can watch it repeatedly until you are  familiar with how to perform it.

What is the purpose of the exercise demo videos?

The exercise videos are meant to be a short overview of how to do the exercise. Within the app, it is not intended to be a complete and thorough description of how to perform the exercise. Please use your discretion if you are not familiar with the exercise or are uncertain on how to perform it. 


You are strong.

Commit to consistent strength training to build 

a stronger body, mind, and soul.


The SM App is FREE to download. The app is compatible with either an Apple or Android phone. You can download the app at either the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

The app may not be helpful to everyone. Good news! You have the option to log-in to the workouts on your desktop to view and/or print them. 

It is optional to use the the Total Workout Timer. The timer automatically starts when you click into the workout. You can stop the timer and/or reset it as necessary. Also the time continues to run if you click out of the app at any time during the workout.

You can record any notes about an exercise or your workout. While in the main workout screen, the note icon is on the bottom between the plus sign icon and the star icon.

Click on the note icon to enter the Exercises Notes screen to record any notes about an exercise or your workout so you can refer back to it,

If you want to log out, you click the hamburger icon on the top left side and go to “Settings” and click on Log Out. It is recommended to stay logged in so you do not have to log in every workout.

You have the option to record  how many reps you perform and/or the amount of weight you use for an exercise. Note: If it is an exercise that uses a resistance band, you are not able to log your weight but you can enter the type of band in the notes section.

In the Workout Plan screen, you can click the dropdown tab for  “Alternate exercises” to view another exercise that you can substitute with.

You always can modify an exercise by decreasing the weight that you are using or the range of motion. If you have modify the exercises and you still experience discomfort or pain, please stop and move on to the next exercise. 

This rest timer is an option to use if you are tracking your rest period between exercises. You determine how long to rest between exercises based on fatigue and your goals.

You can go to the Log In screen and click “Forgot Password”. You will receive a prompt to enter in your email for your account. You will receive an email to reset your Password. If you cannot find the email, please look in your junk folder.

The workouts have a red dot to indicate that you have not yet completed the workout. The red dot turns green after you complete the workout if you click on “Log!” at the top right corner.