In this Nokona gloves review I showed you above in the chart which ones are best including the ever popular Nokona X2 Elite.

These are some of my favorites overall and one of the reasons is listed right on their logo. They are American made since 1934.

You should learn about their history because it’s a great story. Everything from digging their way out of the great depression to making their first one’s to creating night vision goggles and now they also make bats! Pretty impressive huh?

Nokona Walnut WB-1150m

One of my favorite things about these mitts is that the materials are from the USA and they are made in the USA by Americans. Can’t get any better than that!

In the picture: Nokona Walnut WB-1175

This page features the very popular series buckaroo so check that out as well as the Bloodline editions.

I personally played baseball for many years and know how important it is to find something comfortable that you can depend on for at least a few seasons.

You will wear it for several hours per day potentially and then you will carry it in a bag of some sort. It might get tossed on the bench or the ground.

My point is that you want something quality.

I’ve heard from Major League players that wearing a Nokona makes them feel like a real ball player even more.

Best Nokona Infielders Glove

The Nokona X2 Elite Might Just Be The Best
These are the best Nokona baseball gloves for infielders. They have a large variety but I had to narrow it down to just two. Tough job!

My favorites are the tan looking one’s with the darker tan leather in the palm of the mitt. You must check out the second pictured which is the Nokona x2 elite.

The dark chocolate leather is very popular with this highly rated American made glove.

These are all for infielders so make sure you take a glance at the size of the mitt. These selected items are perfect especially for shortstops and second baseman.

The reason why players like Nokona gloves at this position is because…quality, quality and quality. It’s said these baseball gloves last a lifetime.

These are made in the USA and even come with a one year warranty. Pretty cool huh!SALE

Nokona Walnut Baseball Glove

6 ReviewsNokona Walnut Baseball Glove

  • 11.5″ Modified Trap Web, Full Right
  • New Walnut HHH Leather
  • Open Back with Shearling with Shearling
  • Index Finger Platform

$249.95 −$5.00 from $244.95Buy on Amazon

Nokona X2 Elite Series 12' Baseball Glove

8 ReviewsNokona X2 Elite Series 12″ Baseball Glove

  • 12″ Fastpitch Infield/Pitcher Glove
  • Stampede Leather: Full grain, full oil, performance steerhide that creates a ready-for-play glove
  • Closed Back
  • Closed Web

$349.94Buy on Amazon

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Best Nokona Outfielders Glove

The Longer The Better
Check out the bloodline trap web mitt! Is that unique with the laces or what! These are the best Nokona outfielders gloves and I really dig them.

These are perfect for the outfield and several MLB players use these models.

The 11.5 inch series bloodline is very popular. People say once you buy a Nokona you’ll never go back to another brand. That’s saying a lot!

Usually an outfielders mitt is a little bit bigger than all the other position players. That is because they need to be able to stretch out and catch hard to reach baseball hit their way.

The Nokona baseball glove reviews for these two mitts by customers are five out of five stars!

Nokona Bloodline Pro 11.5' Baseball Glove: P6I P6I Right Hand Thrower

Nokona Bloodline Pro 11.5″ Baseball Glove: P6I P6I Right Hand Thrower

  • 11.5″ Pattern
  • Light-Weight
  • Some Break-In Required
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty Guarantee

Currently not availableBuy on Amazon

Nokona Walnut WB-1300 Fielding Glove (13') - RHT - WB-1300-RHT

4 ReviewsNokona Walnut WB-1300 Fielding Glove (13″) – RHT – WB-1300-RHT

  • Closed Web
  • Open Back
  • Walnut Crunch leather
  • Position Pitcher / Outfield
  • 13″ Baseball Glove, Right Handed Throw Glove

$249.95Buy on Amazon

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Nokona Baseball Gloves Video

Everyone Should Watch This

This is one of the most interesting stories about baseball equipment I’ve ever heard. These guys are the real deal.

Working there is a real family atmosphere and that’s why they say people stay employed there a real long time.

The Nokona ballgloves history is truly interesting

Best Nokona Catchers Glove

Padding and Flexibility Are Necessary
I love these mitts because they almost look vintage. I don’t know if it’s the leather, the dye, oil or what. Take a look at the pictures below.

If you want a really good mitt then check out the best Nokona catchers gloves.

Have you ever worn one of these before?

Let me know by leaving me a comment in the comments below.

If I were to pick one of these catchers mitts today besides the one in the chart above I would choose this Alpha Select S2 Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt model which you see pictured below. It’s the best one available.

After that I’d choose the Alpha Select S2 which has that beautiful sandstone leather. It’s one of the newest catchers mitts they offer and players all over the country are buying it.

My brother played catcher so I know firsthand that his particular position needs a quality mitt that can hold up to all those fastballs thrown.

Nokona Alpha Select+ S2 32' Baseball Catcher's Mitt

2 ReviewsNokona Alpha Select+ S2 32″ Baseball Catcher's Mitt

  • 32 inch
  • Open Back
  • Youth Baseball

$229.95Buy on Amazon

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Most Expensive Nokona Glove

This Usually Means High Quality
There are several Nokona baseball gloves that are expensive but this one is near the top.

It’s from their Bloodline Pro series and it’s probably one of the best one’s you can get today.

Compare it to any other brand and you’ll see what I mean. These are also different because they’re one of the only one’s made in the USA.

Usually an expensive one means that it’s quality.

This P5 with pro lacing is one of the best infielder baseball gloves you can buy today.

Nokona Bloodline Pro P5 Fielding Glove (11.75') - RHT - BLP5-RHT

1 ReviewsNokona Bloodline Pro P5 Fielding Glove (11.75″) – RHT – BLP5-RHT

  • H Web with Open Back. 11.75″ Infield Pattern
  • Kangaroo Leather Shell – Combines Superior Durability with a Lightweight Feel
  • Recommended for Third Base
  • Bloodline is back – and better than ever. A pro model glove that is highly structured and extremely lightweight
  • Hand: Right Hand Throw

Currently not availableBuy on Amazon

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Nokona First Base Mitt

You Need Something That Will Scoop Good
I wish I still played competitive baseball because I so bad want to buy one of these listed below. I played first base for many years and these look great!

Playing at first, you need a glove that will last because it will take a beating.

You are catching balls from all over the infield, pickoffs from the pitcher and relays from the outfield.

Ever had a fellow infielder make you scoop up all their errant throws? I did in high school so you’re catching the ball and a ton of dirt and rock.

These are the best Nokona first base mitt options available today. You know what? I’m thinking about buying one anyway!

Do you play first base? What kind of qualities do you look for in equipment?

Keep a close eye on the buffalo first base glove while you’re here. You can get these for either left hand or right hand throw. I’ve got you covered!

If you want a first base mitt that will last then look at these pictured as well as the one in the above chart.

Nokona X2 Elite Series 12.5' Baseball Firstbase Mitt

3 ReviewsNokona X2 Elite Series 12.5″ Baseball Firstbase Mitt

  • Nolera Composite Padding System for position-specific excellence
  • Leather: Stampede + Kangaroo
  • 12.5″ First Base Pattern
  • H Web

from $349.99Buy on Amazon

Nokona Legend Pro L-1250FBH First Base Mitt Right Hand Throw 12.5

Nokona Legend Pro L-1250FBH First Base Mitt Right Hand Throw 12.5

  • Sandstone Leather
  • Closed Back, H Web
  • 12.5″ First Base Pattern
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Hand: Left Hand Throw

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Here’s a Really Good Review

Here’s someone who bought one of the mitts on this page and gave his review on it.

Listen to why he now prefers Nokona over most other trusted brands.

Final Thoughts on These Nokona Baseball Gloves Reviews

Are Nokona gloves good? Absolutely they are!

Did you find something suitable in this Nokona gloves review?

No matter what position you play there are an ample amount of Nokona gloves with highly rated reviews. They are high quality gloves made in the USA and are a great investment in my opinion.

The Nokona X2 Elite is a one of a kind type of glove I think you should consider before looking at any other gloves this season.

You might also want to check out the American Legend glove as well.

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