You are able to customize each workout so it fits with your goals and life! Each workout contains Block A, B, C, and D.  You can customize your workouts by choosing what blocks to complete.

For 15 minutes, complete Block A

For 30 minutes, complete Block A, B

For 45 minutes, complete Block A, B, C

For 60 minutes, complete Block A, B, C, D

You also can choose how many sets to complete based on your time constraints (the minimum recommended is 2 sets). 

Reminder: The time to complete a workout varies due to the amount of time to set-up, time to perform reps, time to rest between sets, etc. Go at your own pace! 

The Stronger workouts are designed to be done anywhere at anytime so minimal equipment is required.

Dumbbells and resistance bands will be the primary source of resistance as they are the most accessible. However, you can substitute with barbells, kettlebells,, or other gym equipment. 

You will need a few sets of dumbbells. It takes trial and error to find the weight of dumbbells to use for each exercise. If possible, you can purchase a dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs  20 lbs. 

You also will need a variety of resistance bands including mini loop bands, fabric bands, and long-tube bands. 

You also will need a bench or stable surface that you can step up on.

The Stronger program is a circuit-based strength training program. This means that you will perform 2-3 exercises as a group before repeating them. 

Please note many types of strength training approaches and programs exist. This method is not superior to other forms of strength training. Holly finds circuit-based training helps in changing body composition while maintaining interest and enthusiasm for completing the workouts. Find what fits your health and fitness goals!

The intention is to have the Stronger program accessible to women from beginners to intermediate. Strength training can be modified for any level through many ways (i.e. using lighter weight, decreasing range of motion, limiting reps and sets, etc.).

Your starting point will differ from others based on your prior activity and fitness level.

If you are new to strength training, you should learn the basic movement before adding weight. As with any program, you will have a learning curve with exercises that are new to you. Please use your judgement to what is a safe weight to use based on your goals and fitness level.


If you are pregnant, please consult with your physician before starting to determine that it is safe for you.

The exercises are not modified specifically for  pregnancy.  Please contact Holly if you have questions on how to modify an exercise if you are pregnant .

The number of days that you strength train is based on your health and fitness goals.

If you have limited time, you should  strive to complete one  lower body, upper body, and full body workout.


The SM App is FREE to download. The app is compatible with either an Apple or Android phone. You can download the app at either the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

In the Workout Plan screen, you can click the dropdown tab for  “Alternate exercises” to view another exercise that you can substitute with.

You always can modify an exercise by decreasing the weight that you are using or the range of motion. If you have modify the exercises and you still experience discomfort or pain, please stop and move on to the next exercise. 

The app may not be helpful to everyone. Good news! You have the option to log-in to the workouts on your desktop to view and/or print them. 

You have the option to record  how many reps you perform and/or the amount of weight you use for an exercise. Note: If it is an exercise that uses a resistance band, you are not able to log your weight but you can enter the type of band in the notes section.

It is optional to use the the Total Workout Timer. The timer automatically starts when you click into the workout. You can stop the timer and/or reset it as necessary. Also the time continues to run if you click out of the app at any time during the workout.

This rest timer is an option to use if you are tracking your rest period between exercises. You determine how long to rest between exercises based on fatigue and your goals.

You can record any notes about an exercise or your workout. While in the main workout screen, the note icon is on the bottom between the plus sign icon and the star icon.

Click on the note icon to enter the Exercises Notes screen to record any notes about an exercise or your workout so you can refer back to it,

You can go to the Log In screen and click “Forgot Password”. You will receive a prompt to enter in your email for your account. You will receive an email to reset your Password. If you cannot find the email, please look in your junk folder.

If you want to log out, you click the hamburger icon on the top left side and go to “Settings” and click on Log Out. It is recommended to stay logged in so you do not have to log in every workout.

The workouts have a red dot to indicate that you have not yet completed the workout. The red dot turns green after you complete the workout if you click on “Log!” at the top right corner. 


The Stronger Movement program is a reoccurring membership program. If you sign up for the monthly membership, your credit card will be charged every month on the day you sign-up. Your membership continues until you cancel it. 

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Please remember that you must cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the next month. 

You will be billed every month on the same day that you signed-up until you choose to cancel. 

Unfortunately, no refunds are issued once a membership has been purchased. However, you will have access to the Stronger app for the time period that you purchased. 

If you cancel your membership, you have access to the Stronger Movement workouts until the end of your billing cycle. Unfortunately, you do not have access to the workouts in the app once your subscription has expired.  

Unfortunately, you cannot freeze your membership. You can always cancel and sign up again when you are ready.