The Stronger Movement Method is my online strength training program created from my passion to help runners reach their health and fitness goals by incorporating strength training into their lives. 

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, I have the education, expertise, and experience to help you!

My passion is to help you make strength training a part of your life. You can achieve a stronger body and mind by investing in yourself and committing to my strength training program.


Let's Get Stronger Together!


My passion for health and fitness took off in my early 20s as I found my way into the health club scene. I started experimenting with how to balance strength training, cardio, and nutrition to achieve a healthier and stronger body for myself.

Although I had been an athlete growing up,  I had never achieved the results that I was getting by consistently including strength training workouts with optimal cardio and nutrition for my goals.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I had the knowledge and ability to reach my health and fitness goals. It was beyond exciting and motivating to finally figure out how to get results!

I was so inspired that I wanted to help others. I obtained several certifications to work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructorAs I helped more women, I felt compelled to leave my corporate job to pursue a Masters in Physical Education and Sport Science.

This decision was a pivotal time in my life that set me on the course to where I am today. 

After graduating, I had the opportunity to work in the spa and fitness industry with a focus on holistic wellness. I continued to expand my knowledge by becoming certified in massage therapy, yoga, and pilates.

I broadened my perspective of health and fitness started helping women find a more well-rounded, wholistic wellness approach.


It's about finding what works for you!

“Something magical happens when you commit to consistently moving your body. 

You discover a deeper connection to your body, mind, and soul.”

Dr. Holly Richard


My health and fitness goals have changed and evolved throughout my life.

My journey started out with working out in the gym in my early 20s. But over the years, I lived in beautiful cities and I craved getting outside for fresh air and sunshine. So I bought a road bike and running shoes and started cycling and running. 

I especially gravitated towards running. It was freedom for my body, mind, and soul!

And with my love of running, I quickly became hooked on the challenge of marathons. Over the years, I have been fortunate to train and complete many long distance races, including 24 marathons. 

As I was in the midst of running lots of miles, I also started becoming busier with work and other responsibilities so I had to choose what I wanted to spend my time on. 

I chose what brought me the most happiness: running and yoga. Due to a lack of time, I started neglecting strength training which resulted in some negative consequences.

I started struggling to maximize my running performance. I felt stalled on maintaining and improving my body composition. And I eventually reached a point where I experienced slower recovery, slept poorly, and lacked my normal energy. 

I was at a tipping point with my own health and fitness.

My life was about to change.


While I was busy pursuing my personal and professional goals, I received a huge blessing. I married the man of my dreams! He was active duty in the Air Force so I had the privilege of experiencing life as a military spouse. 

We both share a love of endurance sports so we started training together. Although I continued to feel “good enough” while training for different events, I could not ignore that I was not optimizing my fitness because I was not including strength training. 

But there was not enough time to do it all.  

During this time, I felt driven to return back to school to complete my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I wanted to have more education and experience to help women achieve their health and fitness goals.

After graduating, my husband and I were stationed in the Washington, D.C. area. While we were pursuing our careers there, we were blessed to become parents to the most adorable little boy. 

The birth of my son changed me in many ways, including helping me figure out how to live a more balanced life. As a new mom, I decided to get back into strength training workouts on a consistent basis.  But I only had time to do it at home during nap time so I bought some resistance bands and dumbbells -and I started back in to strength training again.

With adding in simple but effective strength training workouts, I experienced many positive changes in my life from having better runs, to improving my body composition, to having more energy.


But most important, I became stronger for my family and myself.



I  grew up in Idaho. I did work on a potato farm as a kid.  My idea of a dream vacation is anywhere with mountains and pine trees.  


I love to bake and to try out healthier versions of desserts! I believe “C” is for chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, and coffee. 


I love endurance sports from running to cycling! A big accomplishment for me was learning how to swim in open waterand completing an Ironman.


I am not a fan of heights but I love riding in helicopters! My husband proposed to me during a helicopter ride in Kauai. 


As a physical therapist, I have focused on outpatient orthopedics. I continually work with runners who are not including strength training in their lives. 

This lead me to create my own online strength training program, the Stronger Movement Method, that offers runners an affordable and convenient way to include strength training in their lives.

These strength training workouts can help you become stronger so you can thrive in other types of exercise and activities that you enjoy.

You are allowed to evolve, explore, and discover different ways to move your body that are rewarding and fulfilling to you.  

It often requires a continual adjust of finding the right combination of strength training and running for your individual goals. 

The Stronger Movement Method will provide you with strength training workouts that fit with your life!

It's time.
Let's Get Stronger Together!