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strength training

run farther. faster. stronger.

Get strength workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment. Whether you’re running to improve fitness or training for a marathon, the Stronger Runners app will help you build a stronger body, avoid injuries, and slash minutes off your PRs. All for less than $1 a day.

Come in a little closer...

What if I told you the secret to become a better runner?

Imagine running faster and farther with less effort. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a strong body built for longevity. Imagine putting on your shoes and running without nagging aches and pains. Imagine celebrating at the finish line after knocking minutes off your PR.

This reality is possible by following a strength training program designed specifically for runners.

Here's the real problem...

Your progress has ground to a halt.

Despite all the hours spent pounding the pavement, you’re not getting any faster. Nagging injuries plague your training and leave you wondering if you should hang up your shoes for good.

Here’s the thing. Strength training is the simple solution to your problems. Spend a few hours working out each week and you’ll start to build a stronger, resilient body that will help you recapture that “runner’s high” you feel like you’ve lost.

Why Runners Avoid Strength Training


You don’t want to go to the gym.

You’ve considered working with a personal trainer but it’s pricey and they don’t have the expertise to work with runners.

Good news! With the Stronger Runners app, you get strength training programs specifically for runners that are created by me, a physical therapist and avid runner with over 10 years experience working with runners just like you. The best part? You don’t need an expensive gym membership and it will cost less than an espresso a day.


You don't have time.

Your days are packed with work, family, friends, and endless responsibilities. You barely have time for a run. 

You know you need to strength train because your runs are feeling harder and slower and familiar aches and pains are creeping up.

Here is the secret: You don’t have to spend hours in the gym lifting weights to see improvements in your running. You only  need a time efficient strength training program, designed to maximize the time you have available.


You don't know what to do.

You do not know where to start and what exercises to do? You can search online, but how do you sift through thousands of workouts to find the one that’s right for you?

The Stronger Runners app makes it easy by mapping everything out for you. You have strength training workouts designed specifically for runners by a physical therapist. Imagine the improvement in your running when you follow results-oriented strength workouts?


You are confused & overwhelmed.

If you could figure out what types of strength training exercises to do to improve your running, you will have finally cracked the code, no longer feeling like a prisoner in your own body.

That’s an easy fix. Inside the Stronger Runners app, you’ll get new workouts every month so you simply show up and get to work. And the best part – you don’t have to stop running to start strength training. 

I created Stronger Runners to overcome the major obstacles that prevent you from strength training.

(Founder, Stronger Runners)

I’ve been in your shoes.

Every roadblock you face is one I’ve struggled with in the past.

I’m a physical therapist with 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I’ve been an avid runner for 15 years, being fortunate to cross the finish line of many long distance events, including 24 marathons. While many of my marathon times have been slower, I am super proud of my marathon PR of 3:06. I have the experience, education, and expertise to help you stay healthy and reach your potential.

But let me back up. I have not always enjoyed running. In my 20s, I was a personal trainer who spent my days in a gym. I started running while living in a beautiful mountain town with no plans and no goals- and no clue what I was doing. But after a few runs, I was hooked!

As I started running more, I stepped in the same pothole many runners do. I neglected strength training in exchange for running more miles. I should have known better!

I get it. You have limited time, a demanding full-time job, and never-ending family responsibilities. Something has to give. And for runners, it’s usually strength training.

But that’s where the problems start.

Slower times. Slower recovery. Lingering aches and pains. Poor sleep. Low energy. I was guilty of ignoring these early warning signs on a regular basis. 

My major setbacks were not qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials and a femoral stress fracture a month before the Boston marathon. Both were big heartbreaks I could have avoided with strength training. I promised myself I would never repeat these mistakes.

I created Stronger Runners, an online strength training program, to provide runners with strength training workouts they can do at home with minimal equipment. 

No more minor or major setbacks in your running. With my strength workouts, you will improve your running form, decrease risk of injury, run faster and farther, and be stronger for life.

the solution...

Start Strength Training.

The answer to your problems is not running more miles.
It's strength training!

If you start doing strength training workouts, you strengthen your muscles, joints and bones. You Improve your running form, correct muscle imbalances, and improve your running efficiency. You build a stronger body to become a fitter, faster, stronger, and more resilient runner.

You only have to look at the best long distance runners in the world. Strength workouts are a non-negotiable part of their training. No matter if you want to set a marathon PR or run faster than your friends, strength has to be part of the equation.

find your tribe

Don’t go it alone

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. I create every strength training workout for the Stronger Runners community. You follow the same workouts as other highly-motivated runners committed to encouraging and supporting each other to take their running to the next level.



Get Results

If you spend time strength training, you want to see the results when running on the road. While no magic pill exists to instantly make you a stronger and more resilient runner, the Stronger Runners app gives you a proven method to reach your running goals faster. And the best part, every workout is designed to be done at home with minimal equipment.

If you commit to consistency, you’ll make changes to your body that carry over to your running. You’ll develop greater mobility, more strength and explosive power that will translate to your running, and prevent common overuse injuries.


Simplicity, Consistency and Variety

No more guessing what exercises to do. The Stronger Runners app makes it simple. You simply follow the workouts and exercise video demos, helping you perform each exercise correctly.

Every month, you get new strength training workouts, giving you consistency and variety!



Top Level Strength Training

Whether you’re running for the pure love of it or training for a marathon, you deserve to get the best results for your hard effort.

I created Stronger Runners with the expertise, education, and experience gained over 25 years both as a physical therapist and avid runner. 

All you need to do is show up, workout, and admire the results.


Modify and Customize

You are unique. You may run 4 miles a week or 40 miles a week. Either way, the Stronger Runners app gives you the tools so you can modify and customize your workouts. It gives you the ability to make strength training fit with daily life.

As you do your workouts, you have options to modify each exercise to make it easier or harder based on how you feel each workout. You also get to customize your workout by deciding how many blocks that you are going to complete because some days you have less time than others.


if you're a runner, ask yourself this question:

Are you ready to commit to a
strength training program to be a
fitter, faster, and stronger runner?

The Stronger Runners program makes sure your answer is a “YES”!


Stronger Runners

An online strength training program for runners of all ages and abilities ready to become fitter, faster, and stronger with strength training.

NEW Monthly Strength Workouts

Every month, you get a new set of strength training workouts so you can achieve continuous progress and never get bored doing the same workouts! Every week, you have 2 lower body and 2 upper body workouts available in the app. Every exercise in the workout can be modified to be easier or harder based on your individual goals.

Home Workouts with Minimal Equipment

Every workout is designed to be done at home with minimal equipment. You only need resistance bands and dumbbells to crush these workouts. You simply need to find your favorite workout spot in your home. Forget the hassle of going to a gym.

Super Time Efficient

30-45 minutes is all you need for a great workout. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. The circuit-based workouts help you pack in lots of great exercises into each time-efficient session.

All in the app

Access all your workouts in the app. Simply grab your phone, open the app and get started. It’s that simple.

What type of runner is this program for?

runners of all abilities

You're in the right place!

Strength training is the key that unlocks your running potential.

Every runner needs strength training.

Why runners should strength train?

Get to your desired goal faster than you can on your own

You can benefit from strength training regardless if you are a recreational runner or a marathon enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to get faster, stronger, or lose weight, strength training is a vital part of helping you achieve your goals.

Increase Running Efficiency

You want to run with the least amount of energy expenditure. Strength training can help you run easier, faster and farther. If you feel your stride start to turn into a shuffle and your body falls apart towards the end of a long run, strength training can help you improve and maintain your running form.

Run Longer with Less Fatigue

Strength training helps your body better cope with the stresses of running. Your muscles, tendons, and bones will get stronger and be able to withstand the repetitive impact forces of running.

Run Faster Paces

When you feel stronger, running starts to feel easier. Runners usually see improvements in their race times within a matter of months. And you don’t need to spend hours training. Just focused strength workouts every week can lead to phenomenal results.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Most runners want to run more miles at a faster pace. However, they often become injured because when their bodies are not prepared for the increased mileage and intensity. Many running injuries are a result of muscle imbalances or weaknesses. And beyond the benefit of avoiding pain, staying healthy and not getting injured means you consistently can run and progress.

my guarantee...

The ‘New Shoe’ Guarantee

When you buy a $150 new pair of running shoes, you want to know that you can return them if they don’t feel right. But you’re never sure until you take your fancy new shoes for a test run and see how they feel.

Similarly, I want you to take the Stronger Runners app for a test run.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the workouts and, if within the first 30 days you don’t think it’s the right fit, I will refund every dollar you’ve spent. No questions asked. It’s what I call my New Shoe Guarantee.

You have two options. Both are zero risk. However, only one option has the potential to move you towards your goals faster.

➡ Option 1: Decide not to join, never start strength training, stay stuck with slower times, and battle frequent injuries.


➡ Option 2: Join Stronger Runners today- risk-free. Get access to strength training workouts created specifically for runners. At the end of four weeks, you decide if Stronger Runners is for you. If it is not for you, it won’t have cost you a cent. But I am confident you will love the workouts and stick with it. 


What Members Say


“Loving your app!! It’s getting me to the garage even while I’m cooking dinner ! Really helping me see that I can be consistent. It doesn’t need to be an hour of strength training (the all or nothing mentality).”


“I think the app has definitely helped me put on muscle! I really like how I can make it work for my schedule and pick and choose what days and workouts are best for me. It takes all the guesswork out of putting together workout routines and has really made me branch out and try new exercises!”


“This program has helped me focus on building muscle and becoming stronger, where before I was solely focused on doing cardio & running. I love knowing that each time I log into the app, the workout is already planned for me, I just have to follow the steps.”


Stronger Runners has helped me not only stay injury free as a long-distance runner, but also build strength and power. I consistently completed the workouts during my recent marathon training cycle and set a PR!


The block structure of this program has made me stronger and given me confidence with strength training. It’s approachable and motivating and I can follow right along with Holly and her instructional videos right from my basement or driveway.  I honestly wouldn’t be doing a consistent strength training program without this app!

Time to get started.

If you want to finally start strength training, 

it is time to join Stronger Runners.

monthly membership


Over $100 of Exclusive Bonuses EVERY MONTH:

Join the Stronger Runners membership and receive 

extra bonuses every month.

Bonus 1

NEW Core Workout

($50 VALUE)

You finally have a fresh and fun way to focus on core strength and stability. Get ready to accelerate your results and help reduce injury by including specific core workouts. 

Bonus 2

NEW Plyometrics Workout EVERY MONTH

($25 VALUE)

Get access to plyometric exercises to be done before or after your runs. These exercises help you approach plyometrics in a smart and safe manner, ensuring you stay injury-free while reaping the benefits.

Bonus 3

NEW Dynamic Warm-ups EVERY MONTH

($50 VALUE)

Start your run on the right foot with a short and efficient dynamic warm-up. By taking a few minutes to enhance your flexibility and mobility, you’ll prime your body for optimal performance. 






You've got questions? I have answers!

Each workout takes 30-45 minutes. The goal of every workout is be time-efficient while focusing on the key exercises to build stronger muscles required for running. If you are short on time, you can modify the workout by completing as many blocks as you have time for that day.

The Stronger Runners program is circuit-based to make it time-efficient for runners. This means you do 2 exercises as a group before repeating them. The emphasis is on exercises that will carry over to making you a faster and stronger runner.

It’s simple. You can join Stronger Runners anytime for instant access to the workouts for the month. I hope you stay for the long-term but if you need to cancel your membership, you have the flexibility to stop it and come back at any time.

No. The number of days you strength train is based on your personal goal. And, let’s be real, the time you can sneak away from your job or family for a workout. Each strength training program varies with the number of workouts per week. At a minimum, I recommend you do 1 lower body and 1 upper body workout a week.

Yes. The workouts are scheduled on certain days of the week but you have the flexibility to do them on any day that works with your schedule. If you have a harder run one day, you absolutely can move a workout to a different day. 

You need to follow a strength training program that includes specific exercises with the focus on progressive overload. If you do Body Pump or boot camp classes, Crossfit or P90, or any other similar workouts, you’re not focusing on the right type of strength training that helps you run faster. You already get the aerobic benefits from running. You don’t need it in your strength workouts.

Every month, you have access to NEW strength training workouts available in the app, along with the extra bonus workouts. So, you’ll never get bored. It’s the perfect blend of consistency and variety. As you go through the workouts, you consistently learn, improve and master the exercises, while staying motivated and avoiding boredom.

No problem. The workouts are designed for all abilities. You have the option to make the exercises easier or harder, depending on your starting point.

Absolutely not! I created these strength training workouts to be done at home with minimal equipment. If you have some resistance bands and dumbbells, you can complete every workout. However, if you prefer to go to the gym, you can substitute with barbells, kettlebells and other equipment.


Every workout is in the app! When you sign up, you’ll get a link to download the app. Simply log in and get started.

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